About NO ART

GM nice to meet you here

Come and join us on our exciting journey. NFT and Memecoins are not only for art or funny pictures, it also stands for newcoming technology and community. We are still far away from people understanding all the opportunities of the cryptomarket . We will change this together. How can you refuse to a part of our team. 

The team


  • Can not read

  • Did not cry during the movie titanic

  • Likes cats


  • Does not have a brush

  • Believes that the earth is flat

  • Is still virgin


  • Has no friends

  • Has a monster under his bed

  • Let mom do his laundry

See these pictures. We want to make friends and support other community. And place pictures here. You understand exactly, what that means.


Collecting NFT’s, Memecoins and being part of a community can be addictive!